Southern California doctors join Xtends diabetes monitoring project
Local physicians in Southern California will be part of Xtend Medical's Medical Disease Management Program, a remote monitoring project of patients with diabetes, which will initially target 500 patients.

Using Xtend’s Eocene transmitter, patients will be able to take their glucose readings and transmit the results to participating physicians via telephone. The readings, sent as encrypted patient data, will go to a central server where the physician can review them.

Once the data has been reviewed by the physician, any adjustments in medication, compliance with testing and/or any necessary follow-up visits can be immediately sent back to the patient, according to the Sun Valley, Calif.-based Xtend.

“Our system is designed for physicians to be able to closely monitor diabetic patients from their office while the patients maintain their regular daily lives in their own homes,” said Paul D. Lisenby, CEO of XTend.