Spectral partner launches sepsis diagnosis product in Germany
Spectral Diagnostics today announced the market launch in Germany of its Endotoxin Activity Assay (EAA), a rapid diagnostic product for sepsis. The launch is through A. Menarini Diagnostics Deutschland, a division of the Italian Menarini Group.

Sepsis is the third most common cause of death in Germany taking 60,000 victims each year. The treatment of severe sepsis consumes about one-third of intensive care units' budgets in Germany at a cost of 1.7 billion Euro annually.
“The German launch represents a significant milestone in the commercialization of our EAA rapid sepsis diagnostic and follows several months of extensive research by our partner Menarini,” stated Dr. Paul Walker, president and CEO of Spectral. "Germany is the largest healthcare market in the EU and we are quite confident that with Menarini's broad and experienced sales presence we are well positioned to make a successful entry into this market and set the stage for expansion into the rest of Europe in 2008.”