S&S makes looking at pictures easier with new workstation, cart
S&S Technology has introduced the EW100 Full Featured Ergonomic Workstation and a new OR PACS Cart.

The workstation has been designed for viewing PACS images on two individually controlled, motorized table surfaces via CPU and monitors. The workstation includes computerized height adjustment switches that allow for five programmed memory selections. Other features include ambient lighting controls; a number of power strips for auxiliary equipment; and other options including monitor arms, task reading light and mounting brackets for illuminators.

The company's OR PACS Cart is designed to allow for viewing of images on a compact mobile platform in crowded operating rooms. The cart accommodates either one or two 21-inch flat-panel monitors on a 26-inch by 26-inch footprint. Additionally, the Q-Pack battery features increases mobility as does a wireless option. The large cart enclosure allows for internal storage of a full-size CPU in a secure protected environment.