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Storage of digital images and data represents a tremendous challenge. At HIMSS, vendors are demonstrating the latest solutions for fast, secure and simple storage. Although storage costs are constantly dropping, cost remains an issue and vendors are touting the cost-effectiveness of their solutions. HIMSS visitors in the market for storage will find solutions to simplify the transition to PACS, facilitate EHR-PACS storage integration and improve data and image backup.

EMC Corp. (booth #1517) is showcasing its complete line of information lifecycle management solutions for healthcare digital assets.

The company is showing its solutions with PACS and EHR partners, including the EMC Centera, a new standard for image and health record archiving and compliance. EMC's networked storage systems and software, combined with partner applications, enable a unified view of an electronic health record regardless of where it is physically stored. By applying standardized practices to a healthcare IT infrastructure, data can be moved to the right storage platform, at the right time and at the lowest total cost, EMC says.

Fujitsu Computer Products of America (booth #7253) is offering its full line of 3.5-inch Magneto-Optical (MO) storage solutions, including the Fujitsu DynaMO 1300 Pocket drive with DICOM Viewer. Powered by Hi-Speed USB 2.0, this ultra-portable, high-performance 1.3GB drive combined with DICOM image viewing software allows healthcare professionals to easily transport DICOM image files on 3.5-inch MO disks for offline review, and is a practical backup and archival solution for today's busy medical professional. Data are safeguarded on cartridge-enclosed 3.5-inch MO disks that protect critical information against shock, vibration, moisture, dust and magnetic fields while delivering 50-year data archival life and a Lifetime Limited Warranty, the company says.

Fujitsu also is showcasing a new form of Write-Once-Read-Many (WORM) archive solution for rewritable MO disks using Software Architects' Disk Drive TuneUp! for Windows (version 4.5). The company also is demonstrating the 2.3GB DynaMO 2300U2 drive.

Hewlett-Packard (booth #4436) is showcasing its portfolio of healthcare solutions, including how the integration of HP solutions, technologies, IT services and partnerships helps healthcare organizations gain greater access to and manage medical information to improve the quality  of care. This includes demonstrations of forms automation, mobility, RFID, HP's StorageWorks products, business critical servers and ePrescribing solutions.

InSiteOne, Inc. (booth #5414) is debuting the InDex Recovery Plus, which gives customers a single vendor to back up all of their medical data, not just DICOM. The technology works on a wide range of platforms and also offers the flexibility to support scalable and customizable configurations. InDex Recovery Plus will back up data on a client's SAN or individual servers. It can be customized to take advantage of a full range of back-up strategies, from delta-based replication to synchronous and asynchronous mirroring. InDex Recovery Plus is a hosted solution. This allows hospitals and radiology centers to implement best practices on data back-up by maintaining off-site data back-ups.

Network Appliance, Inc. (NetApp, booth #6668) is highlighting at HIMSS NetApp NearStore nearline storage and NetApp unified storage systems.

NetApp NearStore nearline storage and NetApp unified storage systems are equipped with the Data ONTAP operating system. Live demonstrations illustrate the ease of set up, scalable disk expansion and storage management that help hospitals, radiology groups, and imaging centers store, manage and protect their imaging assets.

Plasmon is debuting the new Plasmon UDO Archive appliance and showing its UDO (Ultra Density Optical) technology and Plasmon G-Series libraries. UDO is currently positioned only for medical imaging customers. The archive appliance adds direct network connectivity and front-end RAID array performance to UDO optical libraries. The UDO Archive appliance is in beta testing with large medical system integrator customers, Plasmon says.

ScImage (booth #6341) is demonstrating PICOMOnline, its Offsite Disaster Recovery and OnDemand TelePACS product. It provides bidirectional communication between a PICOMEnterprise server and PICOMOnline. It also facilitates a location independent workflow, while providing back-up, telemedicine and business continuity services.

Xiotech Corp. (booth #6747) is unveiling the Magnitude 3D 1000e, an entry-level version of its Magnitude 3D 1000 storage area network (SAN).

Magnitude 3D 1000e makes it easier for healthcare organizations to deploy a SAN by delivering the same clustered resilience, simplicity and scalability of Magnitude 3D at reduced cost, the company says. Magnitude 3D 1000e eliminates the need for planned downtime and the complexity often associated with storage area network (SAN) solutions. The solution is designed to allow IT generalists to update and adapt storage configurations in real time, during business hours, without specialized expertise, further lowering Magnitude 3D 1000e's total cost of ownership (TCO). The Magnitude 3D 1000e controller can be upgraded to a 1000 controller without interruption to business applications.