Studies presented at RSNA confirm efficacy of VoLumen oral contrast
Two studies presented at the recent RSNA Scientific Sessions in Chicago confirmed the efficacy of E-Z-EM Inc.'s VoLumen oral contrast-a next-generation, low-density barium sulfate suspension for use as an oral contrast in multidetector CT (MDCT) and PET/CT studies.

In a study titled Abdominal MDCT with Neutral Oral Contrast Media: Comparison with Positive Oral Contrast and Water, researchers compared VoLumen (.1% w/v) with positive oral contrast (2.1%) and water in the evaluation of normal GI tract in MDCT imaging. Researchers compared the distension and bowel wall visualization achieved in the stomach, duodenum, jejunum, and the ileum. The researchers found that VoLumen produced a significant improvement over both positive contrast and water in bowel wall visualization of the stomach, jejunum and ileum, and also was significantly superior to water in distension of the ileum. The researchers concluded that VoLumen is an effective agent for distending and depicting the normal wall of the GI tract when used in MDCT abdominal imaging.

In another study titled Comparison of Adequacy of Oral Contrast Bowel Preparation with Two Different Low Attenuation Agents for CT Enterography(CTE) in Patients with known or Suspected Inflammatory Bowel Disease, researchers retrospectively compared the distension achieved in individual segments of the bowel in 79 patients who had received VoLumen and 75 patients who had received water. The researches found that VoLumen achieved superior distension in all individual segments of bowel and the overall small bowel. The researchers concluded that VoLumen is superior to water for small bowel distension for patients undergoing CTE.