Study: Medicsight CAD effective for colorectal cancer detection
A recent study has determined that Medicsight’s ColonCAD is a useful tool in the detection of colorectal cancer in symptomatic patients. The study was presented last week at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR) in Vienna, Austria by Professor Steve Halligan from London’s
University College Hospital.

Professor Halligan has been investigating CAD detection for colorectal cancers in symptomatic patients. In his presentation, he provided the preliminary results from an ongoing study investigating the potential for CAD to detect colon cancers demonstrated on CT colonography. This study supports the expansion of the clinical usage of ColonCAD, which has increasingly been advocated for the detection of adenomatous polyps in asymptomatic patients.

The study included 59 patients each with proven cancers established by colonoscopy and histology. The patients were examined with Medicsight ColonCAD to analyze paired prone and supine datasets over a range of four user-adjustable CAD filter settings. Across the range of settings, ColonCAD detected 47 to 54 of the 59 cancers (sensitivity range of 88.7 percent - 91.5 percent).

Overall, the study showed Medicsight ColonCAD to be very effective in the detection of colon cancer on CT colonography. Both prone and supine datasets are required for optimal CAD results.