Study: R2 CAD demonstrates high accuracy
Computer-aided detection (CAD) correctly marked 96.1 percent of consecutive asymptomatic breast cancers detected with digital mammographic screening, according to research conducted at the Seoul National University Medical Research Center in Seoul, Korea, and published the journal Radiology last month.

The researchers employed Hologic’s R2 Technology subsidiary’s ImageChecker M1000 version 3.1 as the CAD system in the study, according to the Bedford, Mass.-based firm.

The researchers reported that the CAD product marked all 44 breast cancers that manifested as microcalcifications only, all 23 breast cancers that manifested as a mass with microcalcifications and 32 of 36 lesions that appeared as a mass only. In addition, they noted that CAD correctly marked the single invasive lobular carcinoma and 94.4 percent of invasive ductal carcinomas, of which 22 had a component of ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).