Study: World ultrasound market to top $4.5 billion by 2010
The world market for medical ultrasound systems is expected to continue healthy, rapid growth from $3.97 billion in 2006 to more than $4.5 billion by 2010, according to a new market research study from Kalorama Information. This means the market will maintain its 3 percent to 4 percent annual growth rate in coming years, helped by growth in Asian countries that is likely to keep up with the rest of the world. Purchases of premium and high-end systems represent half of the U.S. market, while lower-end systems, including hand-held units, will show growth in sales worldwide, according to the study. Helping maintain the growth is the fact that ultrasound is being for broader applications, such as cancer screening, cardiology, and urological imaging. The study also shows other growth areas such as mobile diagnostics; visual assistance procedures; and use in routine physical exams to catch disease earlier. “Advanced technologies, including real-time 3D or 4D imaging, Doppler technology, and contrasting agents, are expanding the applications for ultrasound and will help drive future global purchases,” said Joseph Constance, the report’s author. “At the same time, future growth will come from emerging markets in countries where the market is still untapped.”

The complete Medical Imaging Markets, Volume III: Ultrasound report is available here: