TeraMedica releases new oncology information manager
TeraMedica, a Milwaukee-based medical informatics company, today announced the launch of its new Evercore Oncology Information Manager.

"Evercore Oncology Information Manager integrates and manages all radiation oncology and radiation therapy (RT) information objects, now including the RT ION objects, into a single cohesive infrastructure," said Paul Markham, TeraMedica's vice president of marketing. "This unique information manager then serves this vital dataset, to the resident RT electronic medical record (EMR), or to the greater enterprise electronic health record (EHR). The integrated clinical focus includes connectivity of data sets from traditional radiology modalities, including CT and MR, along with departmental PACS, linear accelerators, tomotherapy units, cone beam CTs, and proton beam generators. The aggregated device information is then seamlessly linked to treatment planning systems and oncology information systems."

Markham added that one key component of the Evercore Suite is the application of the SmartStore Clinical Policy Engine. Application of SmartStore clinical policy intelligence allows the classification of radiation oncology objects dependent on the objects' inherent departmental value, which may include classification due to clinical or research relativity, the company said.