Texas health center unveils cancer treatment system
St. Joseph Regional Health Center in Bryan, Texas on Thursday unveiled a new, $2.2 million stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS) program.

The SRS system uses a BrainLab guidance system, coupled with a workstation, to locate the tumor and treat it with x-ray beams, destroying the cancerous tissue, according to the cancer center.

St. Joseph Regional said the treatment delivers a single high-dose — or sometimes smaller, multiple doses — of radiation beams on the specific area of the brain where the tumor or other abnormality resides, using 3D computer-aided planning software and a helmet-like device that keeps the head completely still.

"This is a significant leap ahead in both our cancer and neuroscience programs," said Jack Buckley, president and CEO of St. Joseph Health System. “In patients where this treatment is an option, this is a great alternative that avoids a lengthy hospitalization and recovery time.”