TomTec extends into MRI
Munich, Germany-based TomTec Imaging Systems, known for its 3D and 4D echocardiography and echo information management systems, is announcing at the ACC 2007 (American College of Cardiology) in New Orleans this week its expansion into MRI technology. TomTec is unveiling a system for left ventricular analysis in cardiac MRI for precise measurements of left ventricular volumes, function and mass. The new application has been designed to ease qualitative and quantitative assessment of cMRI data.

The 4D LV-Analysis MR application, based on TomTec's 4D LV-Analysis software for echocardiography, uses MRI data sets to give doctors a comprehensive functional analysis of the left ventricle. Results include volumes, ejection fraction and a quantification of dyssynchrony. It also offers analysis options like 3D Parametric Imaging (3DPI). This simplifies assessing dyssynchrony and localizing areas with delayed myocardial contraction, the company said.

The 4D LV-Analysis MR application should offer doctors more precise measurements, as well as recently established parameters for quantifying dyssynchrony. This includes dyssynchrony cut-off values, such as the Systolic Dyssynchrony Index (SDI), which has the potential to help doctors select patients who are more likely to respond to Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy (CRT). SDI may also help to identify patients who are currently not considered for it, but may also benefit.

The new application is planned for release in the beginning of 2008.