Toshiba debuts Artida
Toshiba said its Medical Systems Europe division is showcasing its Artida ultrasound system at the European Society of Cardiology Congress 2007 in Vienna, Austria, this week.

The device features real-time multi-planar reformatting capabilities, allowing physicians to accurately quantify global and regional LV function; including LV ejection fraction, volume, and severity of regurgitation, the company said.

Artida also encompasses the capability to track and display myocardial motion in 3D images. The Wall Motion Tracking feature allows users to obtain angle-independent, quantitative and regional information about myocardial contraction, according to Toshiba.

In addition, Artida’s SmartCore engine employs the distributed processing power of more than 80 processor cores interconnected by a digital system interface. Toshiba said that its SmartCore engine can process an amount of data equal to a fully loaded DVD every second.

The developer said it has improved its MultiCast Beamformer technology with simultaneous multiple transmit focus and a doubled frame rate in color Doppler mode. The Artida system also features Toshiba’s SmartSlice technology for cardiac 4D imaging.