UPMC Health Plan launches online PHR system
Healthcare delivery system UPMC Health Plan, owned by the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, said it made an online claims-based PHR system available to its members today. The PHR system, called MyHealth Record, is designed to help members become more engaged in their healthcare as part of UPMC’s MyHealth program.

According to the Pittsburgh-based organization, the goal of the PHR program is to provide members with capability to better manage their health needs. This will be accomplished through access to more detailed information about a member’s healthcare and available resources through the MyHealth Record system.

A UPMC Health Plan member can print their entire healthcare record, or portions of it, to share with providers, family members or caregivers.

UPMC Health Plan also said it has implemented a two-way authentication encryption model for access to the MyHealth portal, in order to ensure the privacy of its members.