US healthcare giant places $5.7 million dental CCD order with e2v
Dentrix Dental Systems has announced the placement of a $5.7 million dental CCD (charge couple devices) order with e2v technologies for the continued supply of digital intra-oral dental X-ray sensors. As part of the order, deliveries will commence in June when the CCDs will be incorporated by Dentrix into their ImageRAYi digital X-ray imaging system for the capture of dental patient X-rays, Dentrix said.
As of this month, e2v will have delivered its 1,500th sensor to Dentrix since the beginning of their relationship. Now as part of the new contract, e2v will deliver a significant additional volume of dental CCDs to Dentrix, starting next month.

e2v worked with Dentrix to develop a customized sensor that is comfortable and easy to position in a patient's mouth, while also being safe to use, reliable, and capable of capturing high quality X-ray images. Additionally, e2v offered to Dentrix a customer-specific encapsulation, a unique Cesium Iodine (CsI) scintillator and special sensor connector.