Vancouver Island Health Authority inks $11 million deal with GE Healthcare
The Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) and GE Healthcare (GE) have signed an eight-year, $11 million agreement that allows VIHA to purchase 48 new ultrasound systems and collaborate with GE to research and develop new healthcare technologies, Health Minister George Abbott announced today.

“This partnership between VIHA and GE will improve diagnostic services to island patients at 11 facilities from Victoria to Port Hardy, while giving our healthcare professionals the opportunity to be part of the development of leading edge technology,” said Abbott. “It’s a prime example of how healthcare providers and technology companies can work together to advance patient care.”

Under the deal, VIHA will receive GE’s advanced ultrasound technologies and establish new clinical workflow and administrative processes enabling an overall cost savings of approximately $4M over the life of the contract. VIHA will apply the savings to expand its diagnostic and medical services.