Varian introduces PaxScan digital x-ray image detector

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Varian Medical Systems Inc. on Friday introduced the new PaxScan 1313, designed for low-cost, high quality imaging. The detector is optimized for use in dental and orthopedic imaging and semiconductor inspection systems and offers a 13 x 13 cm imaging area, produces up to 30 images per second, and with high sensitivity, according to a release.

The PaxScan 1313 is designed to replace the six-inch image intensifiers currently used in many orthopedic and dental imaging systems. Varian said the detector is able to generate images of up to 16,000 shades of gray thanks to a 14-bit depth ADC (analog-to-digital) converter, giving it the highest contrast resolution available for a panel of this size. A flat panel imager also doesn't exhibit the pin cushion distortion characteristic of image intensifier tubes, the company said.

The panel's 127-micron pixel pitch results in a high signal-to-noise ratio, yielding high-quality images with enhanced contrast resolution and no distortion anywhere in the imaging area. For medical imaging applications, the panel features an efficient Cesium Iodide (CsI) scintillator optimized for scanning at 80-90 kilovolts (kV) in order to minimize the X-ray dose to the patient, Varian said.