Varian shows new PaxScan products
Varian Medical Systems showcased its new and updated PaxScan products. The PaxScan 2520V replaces the 2520 for the cardiac and conventional C-arm market. The new panel eliminates the command processor and replaces it with virtual software. The 2520V delivers 14-bit grayscale contrast resolution by integration of new ASIC chip technology. The resulting PaxScan 2520V is suited for applications utilizing nine-inch image intensifier tubes. The PaxScan 4030CB with Varian’s second-generation Command Processor (CP2) is the company’s panel for cone-beam CT imaging. This panel is suited for medical diagnostic x-ray equipment requiring a large 20-inch diagonal imaging area. It offers low-dose performance, achieved through the company’s readout electronics and a cesium iodide scintillator.

The PaxScan 2020 has been specifically designed to meet or exceed the unique imaging requirements for next generation cardio-vascular diagnostic imaging equipment and mobile C-arms. The high sensitivity of the CsI scintillator combined with proprietary noise management techniques allows for excellent low-dose imaging performance that surpasses image intensifier tube devices. Other features include an optimal 2 cm border between the active matrix and the edge of the receptor, further optimization of the pixel architecture, and an improved command processor with extended mode memory and faster clock speed.