Vascular Solutions introduces CV inflation device
Vascular Solutions has launched its Flamingo inflation device in the U.S., which came from its partnership with Sedat.

The Flamingo is designed for use during cardiovascular procedures to create, maintain and monitor pressures up to 30atm in a compact 20cc syringe, according to the Minneapolis-based company. The Flamingo offers inflation resistance while providing pressure feedback during inflation. It features a 90 degrees rotating gauge for customized handling, and is constructed of clear materials for visualization of air bubbles.

Vascular Solutions said that its Flamingo inflation device comes with an optional three-way stopcock and Alligatork torque device. The company also offers interventional packs with a Flamingo inflation device, a Guardian hemostasis valve and other optional accessories.

Developed and manufactured by Irigny, France-based Sedat, the Flamingo is currently available in the U.S. through Vascular Solutions' sales force.