Virtualscopics signs research contracts with DoD
Image-based biomarker provider VirtualScopics has begun work on two research contracts from the Department of Defense (DoD) worth $2.2 million. The contracts will explore the application of VirtualScopics' proprietary image analysis technologies to the interpretation of optical hyper-spectral reconnaissance and surveillance imagery. 

The first contract, which is an 18-month agreement, involves the development of a workflow engine for efficient and consistent analysis of hyperspectral image data.  The second contract, a three year agreement, allows for research in hyperspectral image processing aimed at the development of software analysis tools.

"We are excited to begin work on these contracts," said Jonathan Riek, vice president of government solutions at VirtualScopics. "These contracts give us the opportunity to take the knowledge and algorithms we have developed within medical imaging and apply them to an exciting new area."