Visage Imaging
Visage Imaging (Booth 7139) is showcasing advances in thin-client technology with demonstrations of its latest software release that targets new clinical applications such as CT and MR angiography, cardiac analysis and perfusion analysis. The new applications and tools for 2D, 3D, and 4D visualization and post-processing are fully integrated within the Visage CS Thin Client/Server platform, which satisfies all diagnostic imaging needs in a complex healthcare environment by offering anytime, anywhere access to images from multiple modalities to virtually any number of concurrent users.

Visage Cardiac Analysis is an optional add-on application to Visage CS Thin Client/Server. It features quantitative and visual analysis of coronary arteries and left ventricular function using multi-phase cardiac CT data. Key functional parameters, such as left ventricle (LV) volumetry and wall motion, are automatically computed and shown in an American Heart Association (AHA) compliant bull’s eye representation. The application is completely integrated with the workflow, user interface, and thin-client platform of the Visage solution.

For the cardiologist, performing the actual cardiac analysis no longer means waiting for the CT data to be transferred to a specific workstation that may not be located conveniently. With Visage CS, cardiac analysis can be performed on any workstation or office PC as soon as the data is on the central server. The original CT and cardiac CT data from multiple potential sources can be managed and archived consistently in a single system across the entire enterprise. All data as well as the clinical applications are available anywhere and anytime inside and outside the hospital.