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Anthro Corp. (Booth #6408) is introducing its new ergonomically designed PACS workspace: Carl's Table (named after the original Swedish designer).

This worktable monitor system addresses a number of potential injury-producing factors to design an entire environment for the clinician to use. The wrap-around panel is lined with acoustic fabric and foam to produce a 25 to 30 percent noise reduction feature. The interactive lighting system reads the light coming off of the monitors and then adjusts the background lighting on the workstation itself to reduce eye fatigue and strain. The table raises, lowers and tilts to accommodate the user's preferred work position.

The entire system is designed to reduce work-related injuries, and can be placed in a reading room with multiple systems. Because the height of the entire unit can be adjusted from 25 inches to 50 inches, the clinician can stand or sit or even semi-recline to read studies.

AFC Industries, Inc. (Booth #1703) is introducing its ErgoTier - a cart combining a height-adjustable, single-tier workstation with a new, flexible, flat-panel monitor platform. A one-touch button adjusts the height of the work surface and displays. The monitor's forward, backward and tilt positions can be fine-tuned to meet the user's exact needs. Accessories include cable management, dimmer-controlled task lighting and adjustable phone and dictation equipment supports. The company also is launching its Telescopic Cart. The cart is designed to accommodate tight spaces and features electronic height adjustment.