ZONARE debuts advanced software capabilities
ZONARE Medical Systems debuted several new clinical software advances at RSNA 2006 in Chicago. Available for ZONARE’s z.one ultrasound system, the new advances include Compound Harmonics, Virtual Apex Array, and IQ Scan.    

The most recent upgrades provide advances in clinical capabities. Compound Harmonics combines both the fundamental and harmonic frequency components allowing improved penetration versus harmonics alone. This results in dramatically improved contrast resolution without compromising frame rate. With Virtual Apex Array, the image area is increased up to 25 percent compared to a conventional sector format by visualizing anatomy at the transducer face for a wider field of view. This means greater anatomic information and increased color sensitivity, the company said

IQ Scan allows retrospective processing on stored echo data for both still images and cine loops.  The data set, Channel Domain Memory, includes all of the raw data from the ultrasound signal allowing the clinician full access to accurate post processing and customized optimization of that data. No other ultrasound technology provides these capabilities.

The advanced software release also includes increased color Doppler sensitivity on the C5-2 transducer for abdominal and abdominal vascular imaging. In addition, the release provides new OB calculation reports, graphs and printing through a USB port or Ethernet connection, the company said.