Zotec Partners takes on second merger in three months
Zotec Partners, a medical billing services and software company based in Indianapolis, Ind., today announced its merger with Susan J. Taylor, Inc. (SJT), a provider of practice management solutions to the medical community, with expertise in anesthesiology.

Terms of the merger, jointly announced by Zotec’s chief executive officer, T. Scott Law and Susan J. Taylor, Inc. president, Susan J. Mills, were not disclosed.

SJT has been a long-standing licensing client of Zotec Partners, and plans to help drive additional technology advances in the field of anesthesia billing.

“With 25 years of medical billing experience for anesthesia groups, Susan J. Taylor, Inc. has immense expertise of the industry and we are extremely excited about this partnership,” said Law. “As Zotec Partners continues to grow, we are looking for additional specialty markets to expand into, combining our technology advantages and SJT’s unparalleled expertise; anesthesia was a natural fit.  Additionally, we are very pleased to be able to keep jobs here at home as SJT is also an Indiana company.”

Susan J. Taylor, Inc. currently licenses Zotec’s Electronic Billing Center (EBC), the foundation of the company’s revenue-enhancing products. Because there is no technology conversion required, there will be no interruptions to SJT’s current clients.

The Susan J. Taylor, Inc. merger is the second for Zotec in the past three months. In April 2007, Zotec merged with Healthcare Management Partners, the 12th largest medical billing company in the United States based in Southern California.

Zotec Partners will service over 5,500 physicians across more than 42 states this year.