Imaging OEMs may find a major market in—did you say Cuba?

As trade and travel restrictions slowly loosen up with Cuba, U.S. suppliers of high-end medical equipment probably have a long wait before they have any chance at all to turn the “Pearl of the Antilles” into a hotspot of their market.

Some still say that day will never come. But Cuba Journal takes a look at the longer view—and sees in it the seeds of opportunity.

Cuba’s burgeoning medical tourism industry previously “generated annual revenues of $40 million despite the long-standing restrictions on trade and travel, a figure that is likely to increase as Cuba builds this sector, particularly if U.S. restrictions are removed,” an article in the journal stated June 6.

“In the longer term, this could translate into increased demand for various high-end medical devices and technologies, for which Cuban government officials have expressed a need.”

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