Survey: Customers satisfied with current imaging equipment vendor

Medical imaging equipment purchasers appear largely content with their current vendors, according to a recent survey of brand loyalty. The entrenched market likely means an uphill battle for competitors looking to unseat a market leader.

The survey, conducted by market analysis firm Frost & Sullivan, collected responses from 152 North American, hospital-based radiology directors, executives and managers.

A preferred vendor model, in which the majority of purchases come from a few select vendors, is used by a majority of the respondents’ institutions, according to Frost & Sullivan. GE was noted as having an advantage with high levels of usage and high perception compared with competitors in each of the market categories.

Among the technologies surveyed, capital imaging equipment was the most homogenous market, with the most prevalent brand garnering 55 percent of the market. The PACS market was more fragmented, with the leading vendor grabbing only one quarter of the market. The average gap between the leader and runner-up was 15 percentage points.

Vendors will have to demonstrate significant value added to one of price, technology or service to influence purchasers, advised Frost & Sullivan.