Dutch center inks 10-year deal with Agfa

Agfa HealthCare has signed an agreement with Máxima Medisch Centrum in the Netherlands to upgrade its RIS and PACS with a system that extends to cardiology and nuclear medicine.

Máxima Medisch Centrum has two sites, and is committed to implementing a hospital-wide PACS that can be integrated with other hospitals.

Agfa will deliver its Impax 6, Impax for Cardiology, Impax for Nuclear Medicine and Impax Data Center (IDC). Impax for Nuclear Medicine delivers integrated care to the nuclear medicine department and supports the patient's exam flow, while Impax for Cardiology enables cardiac management. IDC scalable enterprise imaging management technology can store imaging data from departmental imaging systems and disparate hospital PACS. Together, the systems will allow doctors at Máxima Medisch Centrum to view images from radiology, cardiology and nuclear medicine from a single viewer.

The agreement includes a remote services contract and GRIP (Global Remote Incident Prevention), Agfa's remote monitoring and event management system for PACS and IT infrastructure.