RBMA training series focuses on protected health information compliance
The Radiology Business Management Association (RBMA) has unveiled a new training for employees of radiology practices and other entities who work with protected health information (PHI) called the RBMA Compliance Training Series. By law, staff members who work with PHI must be given one hour of annual compliance training.

The RBMA series features three 20-minute online modules and tests of the required information. Those who pass all three modules receive a certificate of completion. Topics covered in the modules include:
  • Module 1: An introduction to healthcare compliance covering the seven elements of an effective compliance plan.
  • Module 2: This module covers HIPAA privacy laws and defines what is considered PHI.
  • Module 3: The final module covers administrative safeguards, physical security and technical security issues, as well as how to handle breaches.
Modules are presented by Lori Shore, vice president of coding and compliance for Medical Billing and Management Services.