Siemens launches non-DICOM image sharing system in U.K.
Siemens Healthcare has released syngo.share, a unified, patient-centric clinical image sharing system in the U.K.

syngo.share enables hospitals to manage and share clinical imaging data, including many non-DICOM formats, across specialties such as radiology, endoscopy, pathology and dermatology. The clinical image sharing system features a universal viewer to help clinicians manage a variety of clinical imaging data and provides access to imaging data in one location, connecting departmental archives and multiple locations, Siemens said.

The system features a modular and scalable architecture that allows customers to pick from departmental and enterprise-wide options, up to regional sharing deployments, providing an IHE-XDS- and XDS-I-compliant repository. Its multimedia archive capabilities support multiple data formats, including JPEG, avi or PDF.