BTG, Royal Philips announces first patient treated with new radiopaque embolic bead

A collaboration between BTG plc and Royal Philips has resulted in the first liver cancer patient ever to be treated with LC Bead LUMI using Philips live image guidance, according to a joint press release.

While embolization is often the best course of treatment for liver cancer patients whose tumors are unable to be removed by surgery, it is difficult for doctors to know the exact location of embolic beads used in the treatment.

But the LC Bead LUMI, developed with new radiopacity technology, enables real-time visualization of bead location during embolization.

“The first patient treated signals the next stage in commercializing next generation embolic beads, which can be visualized during interventional procedures, allowing enhanced visualization to evaluate completeness of tumor treatment,” the company said in a press release. “As a result of the collaboration between BTG and Philips, for the first time doctors will be able to see rather than assume the location of the LC Bead LUMI, in order to deliver their treatment with more confidence when treating liver cancer.”

The treatment LC Bead was cleared for clinical use in the U.S. in December 2015.

Read the full release here.