A firsthand account of the confusion, distress of a prostate MRI

Prostate exams and prostate MRI scans are necessary realities for many men. But they can also be very physically and socially uncomfortable, one patient wrote in an account for the Globe and Mail in Canada.

Chris Chorlton explained his surprise and good-natured annoyance at all the poking and prodding he received by various radiologists and other doctors as he prepared for a prostate MRI scan to investigate rising PSA levels. He was confused about the need for the exam (after having spent seven years undergoing regular prostate exams), confused about the preparation, confused about the equipment, confused about the machine’s noise.

But the radiologists got the images they needed, Chorlton said, and all that is left is to wait for the possibly confusing results. Check out the Globe and Mail for his entire story of the event.