MRI accident in India leads to 4-month wait for imaging exams

After a 27-year-old from India was killed Jan. 27 after being sucked into an MRI machine, Nair Hospital, where the accident took place, has stopped performing MRI scans until further notice. Patients can now expect a wait time of more than four months to receive an MRI exam.  

According to an article by The Times of India, the MRI suite at Rajesh Maru has been locked since the accident. Thousands of patients who depend on the pubicly run hospital in Mumbai will either have to wait or look elsewhere for treatment. Additionally, civic-run hospitals like Nair offer MRI exams at half the cost of those offered at private hospitals and diagnostic centers, allowing affordable care for low-income individuals in the city.  

"Patients at the outpatient department of the BMC-run KEM Hospital, Parel, have to, on average, wait for three to four months for a scan," according to the report. "On Monday, some patients got scan dates for July to August."  

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