MICAD adds 23 new molecular imaging, contrast agents

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Molecular Imaging and Contrast Agent Database (MICAD) has added 23 molecular imaging and contrast agents, totaling 883 in the MICAD database.

The new PET agents are:
  • [18F]FEDAC;
  • [18F]FEAC which targets peripheral-type benzodiazepine receptor;
    • 64Cu-DOTA-C-ANF which targets natriuretic peptide clearance receptor;
    • [11C]JHU76609 which targets cannabinoid CB1 receptors;
    • [18F]RP1004 which targets mitochondrial complex 1;
    • [11C]RIF which targets DNA-dependent RNA polymerase in bacterial cells;
    • 64Cu-PEG12 AVP04-07 which targets tumor-associated glycoprotein 72;
    • 68Ga-CHX-A”-ReCCMSH (Arg11); and
    • 86Y-CHX-A”-ReCCMSH (Arg11), which targets melanocortin-1 receptor.
    The new SPECT agents are:
    • 99mTc-anti-RAGE pF (ab’) 2;
    • 99mTc-anti-RAGE mF (ab’) 2, which targets receptor for advanced glycation endproducts;
    • [125I]-ch806;
    • [111In]-CHX-A”-DTPA-ch806, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor deletion variant de2-7;
    • [111In]-ABY-025, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor 2;
    • [111In]-DOTA-cG250;
    • [111In]-DOTA-F (ab’) 2-cG250; and
    • [111In]-DOTA-Fab-cG250, which targets carbonic anhydrase IX.

    The new ultrasound agent is:
    • PFC-S60-PEG40S-NB, which is non targeting.

    The new MRI agents are:
    • P975; and
    • LIBS-MIPOs, which targets platelet glycoprotein GPIIb/IIIa receptor.
    The new optical agents are:
    • 5-carboxy-fluorescein-labeled octreotate, which targets somatostatin receptors;
    • Haff682, which targets epidermal growth factor HER2 receptor; and
    • Eaff800, which targets epidermal growth factor receptor, HER1.