MRI of unborn baby saves mom’s life

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes. For a 34-year-old woman in Warwickshire, England, her savior happened to be her unborn son.

In a recent article from the United Kingdom’s Mirror, Lucy Godfrey, 34, tells her story of how symptoms of she thought were from her pregnancy led to an MRI that showed signs of brain cancer.

“As I was pregnant I couldn’t have a CT scan because it would have exposed me to radiation,” said Godfrey. “Instead, I had an MRI scan which revealed I had a brain tumor—a CT scan almost certainly wouldn’t have picked up on my tumor. I always tell everyone that my baby saved my life.”

Godfrey was diagnosed with a low-grade astrocytoma brain tumor that she has had since she was an infant, according to her doctors and biopsy results. Her symptoms had become apparent in August 2012, and she was diagnosed in December of that year, just months before her due date. Godfrey’s son, Brandon, was born on May 25, 2013, and she later underwent three brain surgeries.

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