After reviewing feedback, ABNM, ABR announce agreement not to move forward with proposal

The American Board of Nuclear Medicine (ABNM) and American Board of Radiology (ABR) have agreed to not move forward with their proposal to develop a single training pathway that incorporates both nuclear medicine (NM) and diagnostic radiology (DR).

This news comes from a letter, dated Nov. 6, written by Louise E. J. Thomson, ABNM chair.

“Although the ABNM ABR joint proposal will not go forward, the ABNM and ABR have established solid lines of communication that will be very helpful in meeting the challenges that lie ahead,” Thomson wrote.

The proposal in question, originally made in a joint statement by the ABNM and ABR back in April, called for this new pathway to result in a primary certificate in NM/DR, which would replace current certificates in NM and nuclear radiology (NR). The proposal also included a plan to create a new independent discipline of NM/DR, leading to the eventual dissolution of both the ABNM and NR fellowship programs.

Thomson wrote about feedback received about the proposal during a 60-day comment period. The numbers show that 55 percent of individuals leaving feedback were not in favor of creating a new discipline within the ABR, which would also lead to dissolution of the ABNM and replacement of NR. Meanwhile, when asked about the creation of a single training pathway leading to ABR certification in NM and DR, in place of the existing pathways and certification, 54 percent of individuals leaving feedback were in favor.

On Sept. 30, the SNMMI wrote a letter stating its board of directors had unanimously voted that it did not support the ABNM’s and ABR proposal. The American College of Nuclear Medicine and Canadian Association of Nuclear Medicine also wrote letters in opposition to the proposal.

Thomson’s full letter breaks down some of the most frequently stated opinions received during that 60-day comment period and can be read on the SNMMI’s website.