Agfa augments filmless operations at Belgium site

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The Department of Medical Imaging of the general hospital AZ Sint-Maarten, with two radiology sites in Duffel and Mechelen, Belgium, are implementing Agfa Healthcare's IMPAX PACS to integrate medical imaging services at both its sites.
IMPAX will allow radiologists to diagnose from the two hospital sites MR examinations (which are performed at one site only), shortening reporting throughput. Hospital clinicians at both sites will access examination results using the Agfa's WEB1000 web server interface, Agfa said.
The IMPAX at AZ Sint-Maarten will be integrated with Agfa's radiology information system and speech technology systems, and will connect with the medical patient record. The IMPAX system will be installed on one site and connected to the other site with a 100 Mbps line.     
In addition, the hospital's medical imaging departments will implement Agfa's CR 75.0 and CR 25.0 digitizers. All imaging activities, with the exception of mammography, will then be fully digital and integrated in the IMPAX environment.