Agfa links images for 37 Ontario healthcare facilities
Agfa HealthCare has connected the 37 member sites of Hospital Diagnostic Imaging Repository Services (HDIRS) in Ontario, providing them the ability to view all diagnostic images and reports through the deployment of Impax Data Center and enterprise viewing technology.

Serving more than 30 percent of Ontario's population, HDIRS member sites are now able to view the more than seven million exams available, and growing at a rate of more than 2.8 million exams each year.

Impax Data Center is a scalable and fault-tolerant enterprise medical imaging repository system designed to store clinical DICOM data objects, including DICOM encapsulated non-imaging objects such as waveforms, structured reports and PDFs.

With the system, HDIRS can consolidate information stored in disparate clinical information systems and PACS, so that the imaging studies can be accessed, explained Mortsel, Belgium-based Agfa. The vendor-agnostic technology integrates individual hospital's diagnostic imaging repositories into a unified repository.

The project allows individual hospitals and healthcare facilities to eliminate hosting of their long-term medical imaging archives within their own system.

The HDIRS project was funded by Canada Health Infoway, the federally funded organization investing in the implementation of reliable and secure health information systems, leading to the eventual goal of an EHR for every Canadian. In Ontario, this is with the guidance and support of eHealth Ontario.