Australian rad explains the profession he loves in Q&A

Among the general public, the greatest misconception about radiologists is that they don’t exist.

So says Australian neuroradiologist Frank Gaillard in a interview covering the fun and rewarding sides of radiology.  

Thanks to TV shows and clinicians, he explains, a lot of folks are surprised to find out that patient-facing physicians and technologists aren’t the main players when it comes to interpreting diagnostic images.

Retracing his career path, Gaillard, who also happens to be the founder and editor-in-chief of, says he grew up fascinated with the idea of cutting into skulls.

However, during his first month of neurosurgery training, he realized his heart wasn’t invested in the prospect of “long and boring” brain operations. He turned his inquisitive gaze to neuroradiology.

“[H]aving fallen completely out of love with the idea of cutting and stitching, I thought, ‘why not?’”

Enjoy the breezy Q & A.