Beverly Hills center treats cancer patient with Varian radiotherapy system
The Center for Radiation Therapy of Beverly Hills, Calif., has begun treating cancer patients utilizing RapidArc radiotherapy technology from Varian Medical Systems.

A 77-year-old man with glioblastoma multiforme was the first to receive a two-minute RapidArc treatment at the center.

“RapidArc targets cancerous regions and limits the amount of dose reaching the surrounding healthy tissues,” said Henry Yampolsky, MD, radiation oncologist. “We always want to avoid hitting healthy tissues, and that was especially important for this particular patient because the tumor is very close to the optic chiasm and brainstem-two critical areas that need to be protected.”

RapidArc delivers an image-guided, intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) treatment faster than is possible with conventional IMRT or helical tomotherapy, according to the Palo Alto, Calif.-based Varian.