Biospace med scores low-dose x-ray install
The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto has purchased Biospace med’s EOS 2D/3D ultra-low-dose x-ray system.

EOS is designed to capture full-body images of patients in a standing, weight-bearing position while reducing up to 90 percent of the radiation dose compared to a conventional x-ray and up to 500 times less radiation than a conventional CT scan, Biospace said.

The Paris-based company said that EOS acquires two simultaneous planar AP/PA and LAT images, which can cover the full body. The associated sterEOS workstation allows a review of the images, the production of clinical parameters, and the reconstruction of a 3D image of the adult spine. The company has also developed additional software, sterEOS 3D, to address pediatric spine and a lower extremity package for hip and knee assessment. The workstation software is designed to enable measurements within 3D space.

sterEOS 3D is currently commercially available in Europe and Canada for spine and is cleared in the United States for patients older than 16 years of age, Biospace said.