Contracts for Commissure, EBM
Commissure recently commenced installation of its radiology speech reporting application RadWhere Suite at Flushing Hospital Medical Center in Queens, N.Y. The system will be integrated with Vocada’s Veriphy, a critical test results management (CTRM) application. The facility will be able to track and report critical values or positive findings to referring physicians.

Flushing Hospital Medical Center is part of MediSys Health Network, which also includes Jamaica Hospital Medical Center and Brookdale University Hospital and Medical Center. RadWhere Suite will serve as the primary speech reporting application for all three facilities.

EBM Technologies announced today that the company has agreed to a multi-million dollar PACS deal with Mackay Memorial Hospital, a large, prominent multi-site medical center located in Taiwan’s capital. The deal calls for the installation of EBM’s PACS and the possible incorporation of other EBM healthcare products. Mackay Memorial Hospital’s four-site facility will use EBM’s Diagnostic and Reviewing stations, UniSight, and storage and utility servers, UniServer, to integrate images and information from Mackay’s two sites (Taipei and Tamshui) while utilizing EBM’s web-based systems in the remaining two units (Taitung and Hsinchu City), consolidating information from multiple sites.