Double digits installs for Stentor in 2Q
Stentor Inc. this week said it has secured 12 new customers in the second quarter of 2004, boosting its installed base to more than 260 hospitals and healthcare institutions across the United States that utilize Stentor's iSyntax technology.

Hospitals that signed contracts with Stentor in the second quarter include:
  • University of Mississippi Medical Center

  • Oncology Alliance (Wis.)

  • Union Region Medical Center of Carolinas HealthCare System (N.C.)

  • Forsyth Radiologic Associates (N.C.)

  • St. Peter's Hospital (Montana)

  • University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Northwest (Pa.)

  • Cumberland Medical Center (Tenn.)

  • Providence Alaska Medical Center (Ark.)

  • St. Luke's Hospital (Minn.)

  • Springfield Clinic (Ill.)

  • Scripps Clinic - Carmel Valley (Calif.)

  • Bristol Hospital (Conn.)