GE rolls out Centricity Enterprise in Indianapolis
Community Hospital South in Indianapolis is now live with GE Healthcare's Centricity Enterprise 6.1 and Monitored Care, an integrated clinical, financial and administrative solution.

Centricity Enterprise will automate key clinical processes for lab orders, test results, pharmacy and care documentation with administrative, financial and billing processes throughout a comprehensive EMR system. According to GE, the implementation of the two solutions at the 200-bed, licensed acute-care facility will help Community Hospital South capture clinical and medical device data in their Centricity EMR, which has been in place since 2002.

Highlights of the implementation include:
  • Centricity Enterprise Monitored Care: Community Hospital South is the first hospital to go live with Centricity Enterprise Monitored Care, which integrates data from patient monitors, ventilators and IVs in monitored environments such as intensive care, cardiac care and emergency departments. This combines lab results, test orders and patient histories in a single EMR accessible from anywhere, helping to reduce time spent by care providers on manual documentation.
  • Third party integration: GE’s standards-based technology allows Community Hospital South to seamlessly connect data from non-GE systems into the Centricity Enterprise EMR.