German university to open hyperthermia program with BSD equipment
Dietmar-Hopp Foundation in Heidelberg, Germany, has reportedly made a generous donation to BSD Medical, which will allow the Mannheim Branch of Heidelberg University Medical School to launch a hyperthermia therapy cancer treatment program.

The university clinic has publicized its intention to provide both superficial and deep tumor treatments in its new hyperthermia therapy center. BSD stated that it will produce the hyperthermia therapy systems that are used for both applications.

According to Salt Lake City-based BSD, the university has purchased its BSD-500 hyperthermia system as a first step in launching the new hyperthermia program.

BSD also reported that the radiologists at the Mannheim University Clinic intend to purchase devices for deep hyperthermia within the next few months to apply this method on various types of cancer.

The University of Heidelberg is Germany’s oldest university, established in 1378.