Health system installs third Aquilon CT from Toshiba
University Health Network (UHN) now has three AquilionOne 320-slice CT systems from Toshiba America Medical Systems installed at three hospitals in its system.

Compared to traditional 64-slice CT technology, the 320-slice CT covers 16 cm of anatomy with an imaging area of 3.2 cm, an area large enough to capture a full image of an organ and can show blood flow through specific areas of the body. Images are captured in 0.35 seconds with just one rotation of the scanner, according to the Toronto-based health system.

At Toronto Western Hospital, a CT is located in the emergency department; at Princess Margaret Hospital, a 320-slice CT will be used to target tumors for radiation therapy treatment with greater accuracy; and at the Peter Munk Cardiac Centre located at the Toronto General Hospital, radiologists hope to open the field for more new applications of the technology, such as examining brain perfusion, cardiac disease prevention and surgical treatment mapping, UHN said.