Looking at past images, software offers cancer prognosis
Researchers from the University of Sussex in the U.K. have launched a software application that synthesizes diagnostic image information to produce a risk stratification report for predicting treatment responses and prognosis in cancer patients.

Texture Analysis of Radiological Images (TexRAD), developed by Balaji Ganeshan, PhD, research fellow at Brighton and Sussex Medical School at the University of Sussex, is being evaluated in the U.K. and Denmark and is currently funded by the University of Sussex, with further clinical assessments expected in the coming months.

The software derives ‘textures’ and notes image anomalies in CT images of colorectal, lung, renal, prostate and esophageal cancers. Based on these findings, the application then develops a risk stratification report, which is intended help predict early responses to treatment, characterize tissue and indicate prognoses, Ganeshan claimed.