Mayo RT fired after possible hep C infection
Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla., has fired a licensed radiologic technologist (RT), who was a possible source of transmission of Hepatitis C infection to three transplant patients.

The situation involved transplant patients who underwent an invasive interventional radiology procedure while at Mayo Clinic.

While the Clinic suggested that this is “an isolated incident,” it has taken the following actions:
  • The technologist was removed from patient care as soon as it became aware he was possibly involved, eliminating further risk to patients.
  • The technologist’s employment was terminated immediately after he admitted taking drugs intended for patients.
  • Mayo has worked with the Florida Department of Health and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention during its investigation. Other officials have been notified and will be following the event.

Also, Mayo said it is proactively contacting patients who may be affected by this former employee’s actions, and its leadership is continuing a “comprehensive review of the situation.”

“The safety and proper care of our patients is our most important concern,” said Mayo in its release.