adds Alexian Brothers to client roster
Alexian Brothers Hospital Network (ABHN) of Arlington Heights, Ill., has entered into a service agreement with (MMR), a Los Angeles-based provider of online personal health records (PHR). Patients being discharged from ABHN facilities will be offered the capability to set up a PHR, through a service developed by MMR.

Under the program, scheduled to begin this year, patients will be offered an Alexian Brothers Hospital Network On-Line PHR during their stay in the hospital. There is no cost to the patient for the service, and the PHR holds information for up to 10 members in the family, according to MMR.

The account will be initially populated with the patient's discharge records, which will include information about prescribed medications as well as other ongoing care instructions. Patients could then use the ABHN online service to store and manage personal health and medical records they receive from any of their physicians or other continuing care providers.

In addition to maintaining personal health and medical records, the service includes a suite of tools, such as the capability to set up a prescription database that alerts members of adverse drug interactions, the capability to create and print out a complete family medical history, as well as calendar reminders for doctor appointments, prescription refills and when to take medications.