New England Baptist Hospital places orders for Swissray ddR systems

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Swissray International announced this week that they received orders for multiple direct digital Radiography (ddR) systems from New England Baptist Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. The company expects systems to be installed starting in July.
According to Steven M. Wetzner, MD, Chairman of Radiology, New England Baptist Hospital, "As a Hospital that has been filmless and dedicated to the integration of digital imaging for the past eight years, we have specific needs and expectations from our vendors.  Specifically, we needed a DR system that was easily interfaced with our existing PACS system (AGFA) and our supporting network and core."  
Wetzner added that the hospital also was looking for a vendor that had a local support infrastructure. Additionally, the hospital wanted technology that is cutting edge and would serve us for the future making for a solid investment, as well as a DR configuration that would allow optimal image quality and patient throughput in high volume outpatient orthopedic clinics.
All Swissray's DR systems include fully automated remote controlled system positioning. Swissray's 16 bit detector technology delivers over 65,000 grey levels, Swissray said.
In related news, Swissray has recently received from Frost & Sullivan the "Best Product Value" award for their digital radiography systems.