NHS Trust hospital selects Siemens SPECT/CT system
Bristol Royal Infirmary, part of University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust, has recently installed a Symbia T16 TruePoint SPECT/CT, a hybrid system that combines a variable-angle, dual detector SPECT with a 16-slice CT, from Siemens Healthcare. 

Siemens said its SPECT/CT yields benefits for oncology diagnosis, completing a rotation in 0.5 seconds for rapid full body scanning. Bristol Royal Infirmary recently completed a series of lymphangiograms on the new system. Images of the lymph nodes allowed clinicians to stage cancers and eliminate the need for axilliary lymphatic clearance in suspected breast cancers, according to the company.

The Symbia T16 features a low bed and set of arm and head rests for easy patient positioning; and its 70 cm tunnel and weight capacity of 250 kg means that the CT can accommodate claustrophobic and obese patients, or those with limited mobility, Siemens said.

The British Royal Infirmary is a teaching hospital, associated with Bristol University, which provides acute medicine and surgery, critical care, trauma, orthopedic and accident and emergency services.