Okla. medical center integrates ICU data
Stillwater Medical Center, in Stillwater, Okla., has leveraged interface technology from Accent on Integration (AOI) to automate vital sign data capture in the ICU for input into the facility’s hospital information system (HIS).

By using AOI’s Accelero Connect interface engine to enable data sharing between patient monitoring equipment and the HIS, Stillwater is improving patient care and safety by reducing the risk of possible documentation errors, such as transposing vital sign numbers, while streamlining nurse workflow, according to AOI, of Murphy, Texas.

AOI’s customizable admission/discharge/transfer (ADT) interface allows Stillwater to use multiple patient-matching strategies to ensure accuracy and enhance patient care. From the time patients are registered, their vital signs information is automatically captured and matched to the correct HIS record, ensuring more accurate and complete longitudinal records, the company stated.